Innovar, L.L.C.


Exponentially Increasing Company Valuation

Innovative Patents and Technologies

A patent firm's worth is measured by the successes of its clients. We have succeeded, because our clients have succeeded. Hundred-million dollar licenses have been negotiated.  Patented pharmaceutical products are being sold in the U.S. and abroad. Internet-based technologies are being used worldwide. Our clients are TRULY MAKING A DIFFERENCE in this world. We celebrate and applaud their successes. It is only by their diligence and efforts that we have been able to continually grow these many years.

Our clientele includes fortune 100, fortune 500, mid-cap and small-cap corporations, startups, universities, individual inventors, and biotechnology hubs, accelerators and incubators. We manage domestic, PCT international and foreign patents such as in Europe, China, Japan, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, Germany, India, and Israel.



Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals, Biopharmaceuticals, Proteins, Bioengineering, Enzymes, Polymers, Medical Devices, Industrial Processes and Products, Software and Business Methods