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Patent Prosecution & Preparation

We employ a fully-integrated approach toward the services we provide.  Preparation and prosecution is our primary service; however, it is performed only in view of company objectives and target products.  Our approach ensures the client that the patent can withstand due diligence analyses and is in the best form possible for enforcement against competitors.

We only file fully-enabled and fully-supported patent applications. We do not file "bare bones" patent applications nor "as-is" scientific articles as patent applications, as those only serve to hurt a client in the long-run.  

In a typical case for an existing client, an invention data package is provided to us.  We review the disclosure in detail with the client to explore the extent of their conception and help them identify all of the features of their invention.  The target scope of patent protection is aligned with company objectives.  We conduct a patentability search and optionally prepare a written opinion defining the aspects of the invention that are most likely patentable.  Upon client approval of the intended scope of protection, a working draft of a robust and complete application is drafted and sent to the client. An approved final draft is ultimately filed with the patent office.  

The application undergoes prosecution over then following eleven to thirty-six (or so) months.  During that time, Office actions have been received and corresponding client-approved amendments and responses have been filed.  In each instance, the scope of claim coverage is aligned with then-current company objectives and product specifications.

A patent ultimately issues with a scope of coverage that protects the target product(s) and that is aligned with company objectives.

If you are having problems securing patent protection for a key technology, or if prosecution of your patent application at a standstill, we can help.  Numerous clients have come to us because of those very same reasons.  We assume prosecution of the application, review its file history and work with you and the patent office to help secure the most relevant coverage possible. 


Two of the main considerations in obtaining a patent are whether it can be afforded and what is the typical return on investment.  Our rates are 40-70% below those of larger firms. We keep our overhead low and your costs to a minimum, while at the same time providing you the best service available.

The cost for obtaining and keeping a patent varies widely according to many variables: technology area, complexity of technology, breadth of the description, service provider hourly rates, quality/robustness of patent application, type of patent application, the country and the number of countries in which an application is filed, complexity/length of prosecution, number of claims, number of years maintenance fees (annuities) are paid, translation costs, official fees, and much more.  Here are some guidelines:

  • The more complex the technology, the higher the cost, because greater effort is required to draft a robust application and to successfully prosecute an application in high-tech fields.

  • The more robust the application, the higher the cost, because of the greater effort required by the patent professional.

  • The higher the number of countries into which a patent application is filed, the higher the cost in obtaining an maintaining the patent family.

  • The longer the patent is kept enforceable, the higher the overall patent maintenance fee, because annuities are required in most countries and periodic maintenance fees are required in other countries to keep the patent rights.

  • The higher the hourly rate of the patent service provider(s), the higher the cost.

There are a few companies that estimate patent costs, but their accuracy is limited because of so many variables.  We will provide a budget estimate for your project upon request.