Innovar, L.L.C.

Obtain Relevant and comprehensive Information

Patent and Technology Searches

 We provide some of the most comprehensive patent and literature search services available. We subscribe to databases worldwide in order to obtain the most comprehensive data possible.  Our searches are multi-lingual when needed, and we can even contract our associates to perform hand searches of foreign patent and literature records if needed. 

Validity Search

Identify information that invalidates a competitor's patent to leverage negotiations, improve litigation outcome, or use a desired technology.

Patentability Search and Opinion

Be penny-wise, not pound foolish. Determine patentability before preparing an application. 

Domination Search

Capitalize on in-licensing and out-licensing partnering opportunities by identifying competitors' technologies that you dominate or that might dominate a technology of interest to you.

Freedom to Operate & Designing Around

Determine whether a competitor is dominating a technology of interest.  Circumvent a competitor's patent.

Third Party Submittal

Hamper prosecution of a competitor's patent application to discourage allowance of a potentially problematic patent.

Competitive Intelligence and State-of-the-art

Stay ahead of competitors by tracking their patents and technologies.