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Technology Consulting

 Even the largest of companies experience resource constraints that limit the time and effort it can expend on research and development.  Limited financial resources leads to limited headcount and reduced expenditure on research.  They are then constrained by their existing technology and their in-house store of knowledge and experience.  The end result is that their products become out-dated, and they cannot keep pace with competitors.   

At times, a client will approach us with an intractable problem or urgent need. On short notice, we are able to step in and work with the client to resolve the problem or meet the need. If necessary, we identify and bring to the team outside experts that are ready and able to join the effort.

We help clients expand the knowledge and experience base available to them through our technology consulting service.  Dr. Matos has over thirty years experience in the pharmaceutical industry as researcher, patent practitioner and consultant.  He uses his knowledge, experience, and intuition to assist clients in developing new technologies, improving existing technologies, and trouble-shooting problematic technologies.  

Dr. Matos helps clients maximize their R&D, regulatory approval, and patent efforts by employing an integrated approach toward experimentation, whereby experimental design and data collection is coordinated to maximize overlap in usefulness and relevance.

For example, we were able to assist a client with a particular problem they faced in developing a low-cost, high through-put manufacturing process for a pharmaceutical excipient.  The new process ultimately resulted in a ten-fold decrease in manufacturing costs for their product.

We have helped clients develop many new pharmaceutical formulations that met specific performance criteria.
For any new invention that Innovar creates for a client, we are willing to assign all rights to the client.