Innovar, L.L.C.

Create new platform and product-Specific technologies

Cre-8-ive Innovation Seminars

 The CRE-8-IVE Innovation seminar is designed to expand and harness the creativity of your company.

Creation and implementation of new technologies is at the heart of long-term success and of company valuation for any technology-based company; however, companies are often so busy commercializing the few technologies they have that they do not prioritize resources for this important aspect of the business.  They often lose sight of the wealth of intellectual property already present in-house.  We help clients rediscover, utilize, and realize the value of this hidden IP.  

The CRE-8-IVE Innovation seminar is the tool we use to provide guided technology-creation ideation sessions with key company personnel to create new platform and product-specific technologies that expand the company's technology base, increase company valuation, strengthen the company's intellectual proper portfolio, and provide new areas for product development.  

We work with your staff to identify new areas within which to expand the company's technology base. The CRE-8-IVE Innovation seminar employs one or more programmed session(s) over a compressed period of time, usually two to four days.  The company's top creative staff takes an active role in conceiving new technologies commensurate with the company's business goals.  At the end of the session(s), your company will realize new technologies and synergies that it can put into action immediately or in the very near future. The company will expand its intellectual property portfolio and increase its overall value almost overnight

Our clients have enjoyed great success with these sessions.  For some of our larger clients, the new technologies became the platforms from which other technologies were launched.  For some of our smaller clients, the new technologies helped increase company valuations five to fifty-fold.  Our clients have come away from these two- to four-day ideation sessions with anywhere from four to sixteen new platform technologies, which ultimately created hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.