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Patent & Technology Evaluation

Investors realize that the greatest return on investment is often obtained through emerging technologies; however, such technologies are imbued with a significant risk of failure, and bankers, angel investors, and venture capitalists are wisely risk averse.  So, how can investors tip the balance in their favor?

Innovar provides technology evaluation (not “valuation”) services.  We help investors evaluate the technical robustness, commercial feasibility and level of protection for target emerging technologies.  When patents are involved, we determine the strength of protection in terms of patentability, claimed scope of coverage, difficulty of patent circumvention, potential invalidity, domination, and more.  Even in the absence of patents, we evaluate technologies to determine whether the underlying scientific and technical features have merit to ensure the technology is not merely a confusing amalgam of “smoke and mirrors”.

Protect capital.  Reduce risk. Engage our patent and technology evaluation service today.