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Develop a Comprehensive corporate strategy

Portfolio Management

 Management of a patent portfolio requires a comprehensive view of a client's business.  We provide patent portfolio strategization and management services to improve the net worth of your company by coordinating the company's intellectual property assets with its key business objectives. 

When a company secures a patent, it has to decide what do with it; however, many companies fail to reconcile the scope of their patent coverage with their overall business plan, i.e. the combination of their short-term and long-term R&D, commercialization, marketing, new product development, regulatory approval, and capitalization plans.  

Life cycle management is key to the long term success of a company.  It requires in-depth knowledge of a company's technology and business plans and integration of that information into comprehensive patent portfolio strategizaton and management in alignment with the company's business plans.  Working with the company, we develop a strategy toward exploiting the company's patent(s), thereby increasing the overall value of the company's intellectual property assets and its net worth.  We help corporations seeking to remain long term in a particular technology area as well as corporations with 3-10 year exit strategies.  Our clients have been extremely successful in no small part because of their implementation of these strategies into their everyday operations. 

 Several of Innovar's clients own patents that other firms helped them acquire.  We help those clients review their patent portfolio to identify gaps in patent coverage and weaknesses in the patent portfolio. For example, we will review a patent to identify problems that may exist in its claims or specification and, where possible, suggest and apply remedies to correct those problems.  We then help the clients integrate their prior and new technologies into a more robust patent portfolio.

All this while reducing costs and improving efficiency.  We work with you to conduct annual patent portfolio reviews so that you only maintain the patents and applications that are of greatest value.  This reduces your overall patent maintenance costs and provides an opportunity to redirect valuable resources toward other company priorities.