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obtain Competitive Intelligence

State-of-the-Art & Competitive Intelligence

 It is extremely important to understand what your competitors are doing. They file patents to protect their technologies as well as to garner greater control of a technology and thereby reduce competition against them.  This means that your competitors can obtain patents that block you from practicing or advancing your own technology.  Resources can be wasted when developing technologies that are unknowingly owned by your competitor.

Companies, however, are often so busy developing and marketing their own products that it is difficult for them to stay up to date with competitors' technologies.  We can help.

We assist clients by conducting state-of-the-art searches in patent, scientific, and trade literature and then drafting periodic reports on their competitors' technological advancements.  Our clients more quickly learn about potentially problematic patents and pending patent applications.  Armed with that information, they are able to more easily and rapidly redirect company efforts and resources, design around the competitors' patents, and stay ahead of their competitors.