Innovar, L.L.C.

Identify in-licensing or out-licensing Opportunities

Domination Search

 In today's business world, obtaining patents is the norm.  You obtain patents but so do your competitors.  The result is usually an intertwining of patents among companies in a field of technology.  Scopes of patent protection overlap, meaning that your patents might dominate a competitor's technology or vice versa.

Such a scenario creates income-generating opportunities by allowing companies to license their technologies.  You might decide to out-license a technology of which you are no longer interested but which is still of value.  On the other hand, you might decide to in-license a competitor's technology because of the potential synergy it adds to your portfolio.

We conduct domination searches specifically directed toward identifying those potential in-licensing or out-licensing opportunities.  Using your patent as a starting point, we search for competitors' technologies that your patent dominates so that you can out-license your patent.  Conversely, if you have a desired product in mind, we search for competitors' patents that might dominate the product so that you can in-license their patent.