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Case History 2: Product Life Cycle Management- An Old Dog Learns New Tricks

We all love older dogs. They have brought much comfort into our lives, and they have stayed with us through thick and thin. They have protected us. We, in turn, have given immeasurable efforts getting them to their senior years. Even so, we often wish we could reinvigorate them. It is the same way with favorite go-to technologies. Here is one of those stories

A moderately-sized private pharmaceutical company had been commercializing unpatented generic products abroad for some years but sales growth had stagnated. They wanted to expand into the U.S. market with new patent-protected products, but they believed their technology was too mature. They asked for help.

Our approach was to host a four-day Cre-8-ive Innovation seminar with corporate and scientific leaders within their company to put their technology under a microscope. Through orchestrated ideation and brainstorming, they invented no less than nine patentable technologies of which eight were platform technologies upon which the company built its future. Over the years, we helped them develop a large and robust international patent portfolio that now covers their numerous pharmaceutical products in the U.S. and abroad.

Take a closer look under the hood. Your old dog might already know some new tricks.

Rick MatosComment