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Patentability Search & Opinion

 No one wants to waste time and resources pursuing patent protection on a technology that is ultimately unpatentable in view of prior art, but how can you know in advance?  Would you rather spend a nickel determining if your invention is patentable before preparing a patent application or a dollar fighting a lost cause against the patent office?  

Part of obtaining a valuable and enforceable patent is understanding the scope of the patent, scientific, and trade literature prior to preparing an application, because the heart of invention is novelty and non-obviousness.   

Our patentability searches are broad in scope and encompass the many different applications and potentially independently patentable features of the inventions we handle.  We identify and review the most relevant art to determine what aspects of your invention may be patentable.  No one can guarantee patentability, but if we opine that an invention is patentable, we truly believe it is. Our track record in obtaining strong and broad patent coverage for our clients speaks for itself.