Innovar, L.L.C.

Hamper prosecution of competitors’ patents

Third Party Submittal

 Would you like to hamper allowance of another company's patent or to limit the scope of another company's patent prior to allowance? We can help.

At certain points during prosecution of a patent application, the U.S.P.T.O. permits third parties (such as our clients) to provide patentability-related information for consideration by an examiner.  We review the competitor's pending patent application, conduct a patentability search to identify prior art material to patentability, and file a Third Party Submittal in the competitor's application.  The examiner then considers that art and forces the competitor to narrow the claims.

We have succeeded in limiting the scope of coverage of competitors' patents away from our clients' products, thereby garnering greater flexibility in technology development for our clients and allowing them to proceed with commercialization.

Timeliness if of the essence.  The time period within which a Third Party Submittal can be filed during the life of a patent application is very limited.  Contact us as soon a possible if this service is of interest to you.